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Citizenship By Investment

Citizenship by Investment is a program approved by the state government that allows you to acquire citizenship or a passport in a foreign country. It is only possible by investing in a few forms like business investments, property purchases, or donations to approved charities.

This is why the citizenship option is called Citizenship by Investment (CBI), and the passport obtained by this process is called Second Passport since this passport is from another state. The amount, conditions, and requirements of getting into an investment program differ from state to state.

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Reasons to Get a Second
Passport by Investment

  • Visa-free Travel to 145+ countries
  • Access to Business Opportunities
  • Ability to enjoy the perks of a second passport for the lifetime
  • The second passport ensures a quality yet low-cost education and healthcare system
  • Huge tax advantages
  • Increases profit margins faster, maximizing your gains in a bigger and better economy.

Following are Some of the
Best Countries for Citizenship

There are so many countries around the globe that allow you a high-end living style by obtaining citizenship through an investment program. How your advisor guides you is what makes this process smooth and easier.Every country that is mentioned below has precise guidelines and investment requirements. Remarkably, the applicant is supposed to have resided in that country before. You can opt for an option as per your preferences and move your entire family with you quickly.

  • Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship
  • Dominica Citizenship
  • Grenada Citizenship
  • St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship
  • St Lucia Citizenship
  • Turkey Citizenship

Best Citizenship
by Investment Programs

According to the CBI index, countries are ranked best based on the entire family eligibility, high due diligence standards, quick processing times, and affordable investment threshold.

Talking about the eligibility criteria, one can become a citizen through various investment methods like buying a property and getting citizenship or contributing to economic funds. To obtain citizenship, you’ll need to buy a passport that will be considered your second passport. In the citizenship by investment process, you can add your entire family, children, siblings, spouse, parents, and grandparents as dependents.

Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program offers quick and straightforward routes to acquiring second citizenship. Established in 2013, it is the most cost-effective Caribbean program with minimum donation option of $100,000 and has gained massive popularity in the last few years.

Dominica Dominica

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program has been operating for two decades, and hundreds of families have relocated successfully in all these years. The investors prioritize its position as the no. 1 CBI Program for consecutive 6 years.

Grenada Grenada

Grenada initiated its citizenship program in 2013, which offers an opportunity to live a secure life with a lifetime of citizenship. Applicants can contribute USD 150,000 as a government donation or USD 220,000 in real estate.

St. Kitts & Nevis St. Kitts & Nevis

St. Kitts & Nevis Citizenship by Investment program was started in 1984. St. Kitts & Nevis is a natural land with excellent air links with Europe and North America. The credibility of its passport is visible as it allows freedom to move without a visa around the world.

St. Lucia St. Lucia

St. Lucia offers one of the most economical and reliable citizenship by Investment programs. Offering two routes to get citizenship. St. Lucia's second passport will ensure global mobility and provides the best business opportunities globally.

Turkey Turkey

Launched in 2017, Turkey's CBI program offers an irrevocable opportunity to relocate without hassle. You can get visa-free access to almost the world and enjoy the best business opportunities globally.

Step-by-Step Processing


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How to Choose a Country
for a Second Passport?

  • Dual Citizenship options
  • Passport benefits
  • Investment requirements
  • Reputation and global relations
  • Tax considerations
  • Access to services
  • Mobility
  • Language and culture

And last but not least, your advisor does all the research on your behalf as per your personal preferences. When an expert does this entire process, you can see the transparency and fast processing. Since, as an applicant, you need more knowledge about the paperwork.

Participation of Family Members
in the Citizenship Program

Citizenship by Investment programs doesn’t restrict your family’s participation. However, how many members you can bring to the country is what gets counted the most. Before applying, you can visit the official website of that particular country offering the CBI program.

Family members can enjoy all the perks as the principal applicant getting citizenship by investment passport. Your spouse and children under 18 are included in almost all the programs. However, when it comes to other relatives like siblings, parents, and adult children, several programs also offer to have them. There are very few cases when your grandparents and grandchildren are included.

Investment Options
Under Citizenship Programs

  • Contribution to a state fund
  • Real estate purchase or rent
  • Purchase of securities or investment fund units
  • Investment in business and job creation
  • Deposit in a bank
  • Some options allow investors to return their funds after 3–7 years.

Timing for obtaining a passport
by Investment

Timing for obtaining a second passport by Investment significantly varies on many factors. Every country has its defined period from one month to a year. The following critical factors for this are:


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Due diligence

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to Apply for CBI

  • Clean Criminal History
  • High Net-worth Individuals
  • Excellent Health History

How SA Global
Citizenship Consultants Work

SA Global Consultants guide you through the paperwork, documentation, and legal procedures required for the case. This can involve gathering and organizing supporting evidence and preparing and submitting applications or petitions to the appropriate government agencies. We also communicate regularly with the client, providing updates, answering questions, and addressing concerns.We offer additional services such as legal advice on employment eligibility verification, compliance with immigration laws for businesses, and advising on the impact of changing immigration policies and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck on something? We’re here to help with all your Questions and Answers in one place.

01 What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is the best way to achieve citizenship as a return on real estate investment in any country. By making this Investment, you will get all the citizenship rights, including the right to vote, visa-free traveling, and an opportunity to live and work.

02 Which countries offer citizenship by investment programs?

Many European and Caribbean countries offer citizenship programs, including Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, and Grenada. Other than these, Turkey and Vanuatu also offer direct citizenship.

03 What are the pros of acquiring citizenship by Investment?

The perks of acquiring citizenship through Investment are all about visa-free Travel to several countries, access to excellent education & healthcare systems, fantastic business and investment opportunities, an attractive tax regime, and the facility to live and work in the country of citizenship.

04 Can I obtain citizenship by Investment without residing in the country?

Yes, you can acquire citizenship by Investment without residing in the country. It is optional to show residence before the government.

05 Can I start my own business there after getting citizenship?

You can start your business and work freely in that country.

06 Is there something by which I can choose suitable citizenship by investment program for me?

There are numerous factors to consider, like advantages, investment budget, global mobility, and stability of the country, and your personal preferences also matter.

07 What are the requirements to apply for citizenship by Investment?

Clean Criminal History

High Net-worth Individuals

Excellent Health History

08 Will my Investment be refunded if my citizenship application is denied?

Generally, the Investment made in a citizenship-by-investment program is non-refundable, even if the application is denied. But it’s vital to review the specific terms and conditions of the program for better understanding.

09 Can I include my family members in the citizenship application?

You can add your family, children, siblings, spouse, parents, and grandparents as dependents with you in the citizenship application.

10 What are the main investment options available in citizenship by investment programs?

It varies from country to country. The primary investment options typically include real estate investment, contribution to a national development fund, Investment in government bonds or securities, or Investment in approved economic sectors.


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