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Turkey - Citizenship Program

Turkey has always been a dream destination for tourists and now for investors. It’s a hub for grand real estate projects and business endeavors. The Citizenship by Investment program of Turkey was launched in January 2017. A huge number of foreign investors have successfully received their second passport along with their families. The Turkish second passport program is popular because of its fast and transparent processing.

Applicants can get an irrevocable opportunity to relocate to Turkey without any hassle. Turkish passport will open the whole world for you. You can get visa-free access to almost the world and enjoy the best business opportunities globally.

Turkish Citizenship Benefits

  • Fast and easy processing of 90 Days
  • Inclusion of family (Spouse and children under the age of 18)
  • Eligible for E2 Visa with an extension after five years
  • The great value of commercial and residential real estate globally
  • The applicant doesn’t require to stay or travel to Turkey
  • Easy procedure, no interviews or tests required
  • Freedom of Mobility to up to 111+ Countries
  • Huge taxation benefits all around the globe
  • A concrete and authentic investment option
  • Easy access to the best education & Healthcare

Eligibility Requirements

  • The age of the applicant must be above 18
  • Must have a clear criminal history
  • Applicant must possess excellent health conditions
  • Must be a high net-worth individual to manage minimum Investment

No education, interview, or test requirements

Turkish Citizenship by Investment Option

Turkey offers only one route for foreign investors to qualify for citizenship by Investment. The applicant can get a second passport by purchasing real estate property for $400,000, which is refundable. After sustaining it for 5 years, you can get the best returns on Investment.

Top Rated By Customers & Immigration Firms With 100% Success Rate.

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