1. What is Immigration?

The process of relocation from one country to another country as a citizen is known as immigration. With immigration, you will get all the benefits a native can enjoys including the right to vote, no taxation, visa-free travel, and access to low-cost education and healthcare.

2. What are the best ways to get immigration?

There are multiple routes you can choose to relocate to a new country:

  1. Citizenship by Investment
  2. Residency by Investment leading to Citizenship
  3. Business Immigration

3. Why do you need an Immigration Consultant?

The immigration process involves a lot of legalities and documentation. An authorized consultant will help you do your process from scratch. From verifications to attestation to passport approval, an immigration consultant will complete the process on your behalf.

4. Which countries offer direct citizenship?

If you are looking for direct citizenship, 5 countries in the Caribbean region offer direct citizenship including Dominica, Antigua & Barbuda, St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia, and Grenada. Other than these, Turkey and Vanuatu also offer direct citizenship.

5. What is citizenship by Investment?

A process to get a second passport of a country by investing in the real estate of the country. The real investment you make is Refundable.

6. What is Residency by Investment?

A process to relocate to the country by investing in real estate as a resident for a certain time period. Most European countries offer residency through real estate investment which is leading to citizenship after 5 or 10 years.

7. What are the benefits of Immigration?

  • Freedom to travel visa-free
  • Right to vote as a citizen
  • Dual citizenship is allowed
  • Fast and easy Processing
  • Guaranteed ROIs
  • Access to the best education
  • Low-cost yet high-quality healthcare
  • A secure and luxury lifestyle
  • Great Business Opportunities

8. What are the options to get residency in Europe?

The most famous European Residency program is Portugal Golden Visa with multiple investment options. Other than this, Spain, Greece, Malta, and Cyprus are some popular European permanent residency programs leading to citizenship.

9. What is the minimum budget to get direct citizenship?

The minimum budget is $100,000 goes up to $220,000 per person. If you add family members, the cost will be added according to the age of the dependent.

10. What are possible ways to get citizenship?

You can either make a real estate investment, refundable with the best returns on your investment. Otherwise, you can get citizenship through a donation to the national fund of the country. The donation amount will be non-refundable but less than the real estate investment.

11. What is the processing time to get citizenship by investment?

The processing time for most direct citizenship by investment programs varies from 90 to 120 days only.

12. How many dependents are allowed in your citizenship application?

Your immediate family including your spouse and children can be dependents in all citizenship programs. But there are some options where the inclusion of your parents is also possible. A few citizenship programs even cater to siblings and grandparents as well.

13. Do I need to pay an equal investment amount for all dependents?

No, as the program requirements vary, the cost per dependent is also different for every citizenship program.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment

1. Where is Dominica?

Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea, lies between two other islands.

2. What is the economic situation of Dominica?

The economy of Dominica is majorly dependent on the agricultural industry. Banana production is the most important aspect of Dominica’s growing economy. Citizenship by investment program is also a reason behind the boost of the Dominican Economy.

3. When Dominica CBI Program was launched?

The citizenship by investment program of Dominica was launched in 1993. It’s almost three decades now and the program is a huge success.

4. What is the worth of a Dominican Passport?

You can get a Dominican passport either by investing in real estate or by donating to a national fund.
Real Estate Investment: $220,000 for a single applicant

Donation to National Fund: $100, 000 for a single applicant

5. How many countries are visa-free on Dominican passports?

Dominican passport offers visa-free travel to 150+ countries.

6. Who is eligible to become Dominican Citizen?

High-net-worth individuals who want to expand their business or want to relocate with family. The applicant must have a clean criminal history and be in excellent health conditions.

7. What is the processing time for Dominica Citizenship by Investment?

If the applicant is eligible for the program, it takes only 90 days to get your Dominican Passport.

8. Is there any residency requirement to get Dominican Passport?

No, you don’t need to travel or stay in Dominica in order to get citizenship. You can complete the whole process sitting in your own country and your passport will arrive at your doorstep.

9. Dual citizenship is allowed?

Yes, you can sustain dual citizenship at a time and enjoy all the benefits of being a global citizen.

10. Who can be added as dependents in the citizenship application?

Spouse, Children, Parents of the applicant and of the spouse, Grandparents of the applicant and of the spouse, Siblings of the applicant and of the spouse. With additional fees and under certain terms and conditions, all the dependents can be included in the application.

11. What is the age limit for children in citizenship application for Dominica?

Children up to 30 years of age can become part of your application. Dominica offers the maximum age limit for kids as no other country allows children above 22 years of age.

12. What are the tax benefits to get Dominican Citizenship?

Dominica is a zero-taxation zone, there is no tax on worldwide income and wealth. No tax is imposed on the capital gains and agricultural imports and exports.

13. Is the USA visa-free on Dominican Passport?

No, USA and Canada are not on the visa-free list of Dominica but with a Dominican passport, the visa process becomes 100 times faster and easier.

14. Who is an Authorized Agent for Dominica Citizenship by Investment?

An authorized agent who is directly connected to the government of Dominica and no third party is involved in the document processing. All the legal aspects are dealt with by the authorized agent. The immigration consultancy firms that are authorized agents will be mentioned on the Dominican government website. SA Global Citizenship is an authorized agent.

Portugal Golden Visa

1. Can I get direct citizenship of Portugal?

No, Portugal or any other European country does not offer direct citizenship. You’ll first get a golden visa which gives you a permanent residency permit and after 5 years, you can get citizenship.

2. What is a golden visa and what does it offer?

Golden Visa refers to getting residency by investing in the real estate of the country. Most European countries including Portugal offer a golden visa to foreign investors in order to get citizenship in long term.

3. Who is eligible for Portugal Golden Visa?

Businessmen or any high-net-worth individual who wants to expand their business internationally and provide their family a quality lifestyle can opt for Portugal Golden Visa. If you are in the best health conditions and have a clean criminal background, you are all set to start your golden visa application.

4. What is the processing time to get Golden Visa for Portugal?

The timeline can vary on the basis of the applicant’s profile. The timeline we usually give our clients is 3-6 months and we have always gotten approval within this timeline.

5. Is there any residency requirement to get Portugal Golden Visa?

There is no residency requirement until you get a golden visa. Once you are a resident and looking for citizenship in long term, you are expected to spend at least 35 days in Portugal for a duration of 5 years.

6. How much time does it take to get citizenship after residency?

Once you get permanent residency, you have to sustain your real estate investment for 5 years and then you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

7. Can I add my family to the same Golden Visa Application?

Your spouse and children can become part of your application with a minimal additional fee. If your children are beyond the suggested age limit, you cannot add them to the same application. The same is the case with any other dependent you want to get added, additional fee varies for each dependent.

8. What is the age limit for dependent children?

Your children up to the age of 22 can be added to your application for a golden visa.

9. What is the minimum real estate investment option in Portugal?

The minimum real estate investment for Portugal’s Golden Visa is EUR 280,000 for a single applicant. The investment amount goes up to EUR 500,000. The investment amount relies on the area you choose. Investment in old real estate or countryside areas is cheaper than in the capital city or downtown areas.

10. Can I choose my property by visiting Portugal?

Yes, once you make up your mind that you are ready to apply for Portugal Golden Visa. There is a possibility that a visit can be arranged for applicants to go and explore the best options for them.

11. What is the security situation and lifestyle of Portugal

Portuguese Passport is the 5th strongest passport in the world and one of the safest countries in Europe. The lifestyle is luxurious yet very low cost. You can get the best education and healthcare opportunities in Portugal for your family.

12. Is there any risk of not getting citizenship after residency?

The only risk is if the applicant is unable to sustain the real estate investment for 5 years. This is the only case where there is a chance that the applicant can lose residency and wouldn’t be eligible to apply for citizenship.

13. Is real estate investment refundable?

Yes, after the duration of 5 years real estate investment amount is refundable.

14. Can I travel visa-free during the residency period?

You can travel within Europe and Schengen region even during the residency period.

15. How many countries are visa-free on Portuguese Passports?

Once you get the passport and become a citizen of Portugal, you can travel visa-free to 175+ countries.

16. What are the tax benefits of being a citizen of Portugal?

Portugal has the lowest taxation rate among all European countries. There is no income or wealth tax for citizens.