Residency by Investment Program

Residency by Investment

Residency by Investment refers to a permanent residency card. A permanent residency card can be obtained in another country by investing in its economy. Several countries allow people to obtain permanent residency if they have a real investment there. The host country grants a residency visa to a person more quickly if they have a concrete investment. This method allows the person to obtain permanent residency more quickly.

In residency by Investment, you migrate to some country as its resident, which means you can live and work there, and after a certain period, you get citizenship.

Reasons to Get Residency
by Investment

The residency by investment option has plenty of benefits as it is a reliable method. Still, despite some of the limitations, the residence provides a superior benefit-to-risk ratio and is a more trustworthy way to obtain residency. These residency-by-investment programs have allowed many people to get permanent residency in the countries where they wish to stay over the years.

  • It is an investment option through which you can also bring your families to the migrant state.
  • As per the second passport, you can access multiple countries
  • You can expand your business and assemble your wealth across the World
  • You, along with your family, can enjoy high living standards
  • Residency by Investment provides the foreign investor exemption from income tax and other forms of taxes.
  • You will face a zero-crime rate in a secure environment.

Countries for Residency
by Investment

Plenty of countries provide you the opportunity to work and live in another country on an investor visa. However, if you plan to relocate to another place, the only challenge you face is a residency permit. You can enjoy the perks with a permit, which is why residence by Investment has made your life easier.

Following is the list of countries; you can take your family there as per the law. People opt for this option because it’s the fastest way to obtain a residence permit.

  • Portugal
  • Portugal D2/D7
  • Greece
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Malta

by Investment Programs

Portugal Golden Visa Portugal Golden Visa

The program was introduced in 2012 and has become popular with investors due to its affordability, advantages and flexibility. The program has also inspired some residency without investment programs, such as D2 and D7 visa programs.

Greece Golden Visa Greece Golden Visa

Established in 2014, the Greece Golden Visa Program is recognized as one of the most reasonably priced residence-by-investment programs that offers entry to Europe. The most popular option is purchasing residential or commercial real estate.

Spain Residency by Investment Spain Residency by Investment

Spain's golden visa by Investment is among the most popular programs in Europe through which you get majestic advantages. It allows individuals and their family members to become residents of Spain within a month by obtaining a temporary residence permit.

USA E2 Investor Visa USA E2 Investor Visa

The USA-E2 visa allows you to live and work while bringing your family. There are no such restrictions on the entry of family. Note that it is a special visa that allows you to start your business in exchange for a substantial amount with the advantage of extending it indefinitely.

Malta Residence and Visa Program Malta Residence and Visa Program

The MRVP allows investors and their families to obtain permanent residency in Malta by making qualifying contributions and investments. Malta offers a stable political environment, a strong economy and safe living environment.

Processing for RBI


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How to Choose a Country
for Residency by Investment?

  • By considering the cost of living. You can check with the estimated data that locals give.
  • The quality of life over there is also something that you must remember to check beforehand.
  • By checking the crime rate
  • Adaptation speed

Investment Options Under
Residency Programs

  • Real estate investment
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Government bonds
  • Startup funds
  • Government donations

Timing for obtaining a passport
by Investment

  • Program processing time
  • Background checks
  • Processing time for Investment
  • Documentation and other paperwork
  • Country-specific regulations as per the requirements

to Apply for RBI

  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Show the legal proof of the investment funds.
  • Invest in government-approved options like real estate, government bonds, or a national economic fund.

How SA Global Works

SA Global guides you through the paperwork, documentation, and legal procedures required for the case. This can involve gathering and organizing supporting evidence and preparing and submitting applications or petitions to the appropriate government agencies. We also communicate regularly with the client, providing updates, answering questions, and addressing concerns.We offer additional services such as legal advice on employment eligibility verification, compliance with immigration laws for businesses, and advising on the impact of changing immigration policies and regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stuck on something? We’re here to help with all your Questions and Answers in one place.

01 What is Residency by Investment?

Residency by Investment is a gateway that allows you and your family to acquire residency in a foreign country by investing some amount. It offers multiple perks like global mobility, high-end living standards, and potential business startups.

02 Which countries offer Residency by Investment programs?

Greece, Spain, Malta, Portugal, and the USA.

03 What are the investment options available under Residency by Investment?

Residency by Investment programs offers several investment options per the regulations and requirements like real estate investment, government bonds, startup funds, and business investments.

04 What are the benefits of obtaining residency through Investment?

Residency by Investment offers a wide range of pros, such as global mobility, high-quality health and education, personal security, zero crime rate, and other business opportunities. Eventually, it can lead to citizenship as well in some cases.

05 What are the eligibility criteria for Residency by Investment?

There is no such hard and fast rule, but some must-to-consider things can help a lot. It varies depending on the country’s program, including a clean criminal record, financial stability, investment amount, and specific and approved investment options.

06 How long does it take to obtain residency through Investment?

The processing time for getting residency varies on the country and other factors of its program. You can expect a month to over a year due to background checks, processing times, investment processing, and application review.

07 Can I include my family in the application for Residency by Investment?

Yes, many residency programs allow the applicants to include their families, such as spouses and children. This entire criterion varies depending on the country’s regulations.

08 Do I need to reside in the country continuously to maintain residency status?

Residency requirements differ among countries. Some programs may require a certain amount of time spent in the country each year to maintain residency, while others may have more flexible conditions.

09 Can I apply for citizenship after obtaining residency through Investment?

There are exceptional cases where residency by Investment can lead you to citizenship after a certain residency period. Not all programs guarantee you citizenship.

10 How can SA Global Consultants assist me with Residency by Investment?

SA Global Consultants has professional expertise and a top-tier team that will never disappoint you. We can provide expert advice, guideline throughout the process, due diligence checks, ensure all the documentation work gets done, and help you choose the best residency by investment option per your vision and preferences.


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