UAE Golden Visa

Are you considering the UAE Golden Visa program? Investing in UAE real estate is a popular path. It offers exceptional advantages for investors, professionals, and families. Consider it your key to a bright future in the United Arab Emirates. The country started to issue this visa in 2019, a long-term visa for residence. But in 2020, the government of UAE approved new investment conditions with no restriction on buying or selling properties. Discover UAE Golden Visa Real Estate options, requirements, and the advantages of this approach with SA Global.

UAE Golden Visa Benefits

Following are the advantages of having a UAE Golden Visa. It includes all the benefits that your parents and family will get.

  • The privilege of not needing a sponsor
  • Enjoy extended residency for you and your family
  • Extended stay outside the UAE
  • A long-term and renewable residence visa valid for 10 years
  • You can sponsor domestic helpers
  • You can later sponsor your family, children, and parents regardless of age.
  • Access to excellent healthcare and education
  • Opening a UAE bank account that will be suitable and safe for all savings

Cost of UAE Golden Visa

A 10-year UAE Golden Visa by real estate investment is the fastest visa for the UAE. It includes the investment amount, legal fee, health insurance, and PRO fee.

Minimum Investment: AED 2,000,000

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UAE Golden Visa Requirements

Requirements for the UAE Golden Visa vary from different categories that deal with entrepreneurs, skilled professionals, and investors. Below will be shared the criteria and other requirements for a 10-year UAE Golden Visa with real estate.

  • Property in Dubai worth at least AED 2,000,000
  • Capable of proving the legality of the income
  • You must provide proof of your real estate investment
  • Real estate investment should be in the UAE
  • Background checks and security clearance
  • Excellent health
  • Having a clean criminal record

Application Process

  • Check your eligibility based on profession or investment
  • Gather all the required documents, along with personal and financial records
  • Submit your application through the official channel
  • Wait for the processing

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How Does SA Global Work?

SA Global is your trusted partner for all your Golden Visa-related needs. The UAE Golden Visa program can be complex, and that’s why we have assembled our team of professionals who can make your entire process smooth, from eligibility to investment-related solutions.

10-year UAE Golden Visa through the real estate program revolves around the eligibility criteria. With SA Global, you will not feel like a client but our extended family. We do all your paperwork ourselves to keep you away from any hustle.

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1. What is the criteria for a UAE Golden Visa?

Criteria vary from the visa that you apply for. A 10-year UAE Golden Visa requires some of your personal and financial records to keep a background check. Along with it, you need to invest in real estate located in the area of the UAE.

2. What is the processing time for a UAE Golden Visa?

The processing time for this visa through real estate investment varies but can take several weeks, depending on the type of application and individual circumstances.

3. Can UAE Golden Visa holders sponsor parents?

UAE Golden Visa holders can sponsor their parents for residency in the United Arab Emirates. This is one of the significant benefits of holding a UAE Golden Visa, as it allows for family reunification and the opportunity for parents to live with their children who are Golden Visa holders.

4. What are the reasons for UAE Golden Visa rejection?

There is no such hard and fast rule for UAE, but still, it can be rejected for various reasons like no valid proof of income or not fulfilling the eligibility criteria.

5. Is the UAE Golden Visa permanent residency?

UAE Golden Visa offers a long-term residency option but doesn’t make you a permanent resident of the UAE.

6. Can the UAE Golden Visa be renewed?

Yes, you can get your UAE Golden Visa renewed as long as you meet certain criteria.


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