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Bank Account Setup

Opening a bank account in the UAE is crucial for both residents and non-residents. You can open it for your personal or professional purposes. Dubai is a place where you will find some of the largest global banks for local or regional banks with seamless banking solutions to cater to your needs. Everything here needs a bank account that you can use to make your life hassle-free. Whether you are a resident, traveler, or an expat, you’ll require a bank account in UAE.

Types of UAE Banks

The UAE has four different types of banks. These types of banks include:





If you’re a resident of UAE, your bank account is your lifeline. It’s where you receive your salaries and pensions and manage your finances seamlessly. Non-residents, too, find bank accounts essential for their journey. Discover your options, and let us guide you through the process.

Benefits of Opening a

Bank Account in UAE

  • Hassle-free setup
  • Reliable solutions
  • Time-saving solutions
  • Expert Guidance

Required Documents for Opening an Account

  • Emirates ID card (or a copy of your application if you’re still waiting for it)
  • Utility bill or rental agreement
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Document that states your employer or sponsor
  • Salary slip
  • An updated CV

Step-by-Step Process

We start with a consultation that addresses your banking needs

Based on your criteria, we recommend you bank type

As per your requirements, we get started with document preparation

Our team then assist you with the application process

When we are done with all the steps, wait for the activation

Once activated, access all of your financial resources

How does SA Global Help?

How to open a bank account is a question that can only be answered by an expert. People need to learn the process, making their lives stress-less. But worry not; SA Global is here to provide exceptional services, from bank account setup to investment strategies. With our deep knowledge of global finance, we simplify the complexities and provide you with clear, actionable solutions to make the best decisions to manage your financial resources. Partner with us, we’ll help you explore your opportunities.

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1. What types of bank accounts can I open?

Based on your requirements, we offer our services for various types of bank accounts, including savings, business, and checking accounts.

2. Can I open a bank account online or visit the bank in person?

When it comes to us, we offer you this service of online bank account opening, but some banks require an in-person visit. So we can guide you about this accordingly.

3. How long does it take to open a bank account in UAE?

There is no such time frame since it all depends on the account type and bank. We aim to speed the process as much as possible, ranging from a few days to weeks.

4. Can I use my debit card in UAE?

Yes, but before using it, check if your debit card is enabled for international use. To manage your finances, we offer bank account setup services that can be availed by residents, non-residents, travelers, international people in business, and expatriates.

5. Is it safe to share personal and financial information with your team?

Your personal and financial information is safe and secure with us throughout the process. We also have strict data protection measures and trained our teams for this.


Come and visit our quarters or simply send us an email anytime you want. We are open to all suggestions from our clients.

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