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Business Formation

Dubai is one of the world’s best corporate business hubs, and this is what attracts people to Dubai for their business setups. Multiple factors make Dubai the best of all due to its supportive government; no matter what, they warmly welcome entrepreneurs. At Emirates, you will see various types of business formation with advantageous opportunities.

Starting a business in Dubai requires years of expertise and different business formation structures that a layperson must know. Whether you are looking for a business attorney near you, navigating the complexities of business formation documents, or exploring the pros of different business structures, we have the expertise and experience to guide you through every step of the process.

Types of Company Formation

Different types of company formation are as follows:

Freezone Companies

Mainland Companies

Holding Companies

And many more

Company Formation
in Dubai Mainland

There is a long list of locations to register your companies in Dubai mainland. A few of them are mentioned below; call us if you want to learn more.

Sheikh Zayed Road

Business Bay



Bur Dubai

Al Qusais

Al Quoz

Company Formation
in Dubai Freezone

Some of the most convenient free zones for Company Formation in the UAE are as follows:

Sharjah Media City

Meydan Free Zone

Dubai Airport Free Zone

Dubai Multi Commodities Centre

International Free Zone Authority

Business Formation Services

Our business formation consultants are here to serve you with the following:

Legal consultations

Business formation agreements

Advisory services

Compliance checks and filings

Attorney services

Business formation certificates and documents

Advantages of Business Formation

Discover the unique advantages of setting up your business in Dubai:

  • Strategic location
  • Privacy assured
  • 0% corporate tax
  • Access to the large market
  • Hassle-free process
  • Stable condition

Company Formation Requirements

Following are the documents mentioned that you require when forming your company. These may vary depending on your business type; however, the general documents include:

  • Online Application form
  • Power of attorney
  • Passport-sized pictures
  • Utility bill
  • Copy of your passport
  • Copies of parent company
  • Bank reference letter
  • Third-party approvals

Business Formation Services

Choose the name of your company and get it registered by DED

Get your name and business activity approval

Hire SA Global to help you get your license

Choose the location either in mainland UAE or opt for free zones

Depending on your requirements, you can choose your bank account

Get MOA, while the rest of the things will be taken care of by our experts

Final submission

How does SA Global Help?

People want to form their companies in Dubai but must know the business formation cost, other expenses, and consultation fees. It is better to consult with an expert, which is why SA Global is here to advise you on the best and most suitable business structure. We offer comprehensive business formation services for startups, enterprises, and large-scale businesses in Dubai and the UAE. Our top-notch business formation agents have decades of expertise to provide excellent services under one roof. For a hassle-free process, rely on us without any further delay.


1. What does it cost to form your company in UAE?

Every business is different, which is why there is no fixed amount you can consider while forming your company in Dubai. Plus, it also varies on the location as it is either on the Mainland or freezone.

2. Is Dubai a good place to start your business?

Dubai is known as the hub of business due to countless opportunities and its cooperative government. The possibilities to grow here are endless as compared to the other cities across the world.

3. What type of business can I start in Dubai?

Multiple industries and sectors are available for those interested in setting up a company in the UAE. Retail, IT, tourism, Real Estate, and others are prominent industries.

4. How can I set up my business In Dubai?

Company formation in Dubai is considered to be no less than a blessing as it attracts people from around the Globe. After choosing the right industry for you, you find a suitable location as per your requirements, apply for a trade license, and get your MOA approval. At the same time, our company, on the other hand, helps you open your bank account. This is how SA Global does all the hassle on your behalf while you provide your required documents to our experts. To find more, contact us!


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